An effective alternative to drugs. How chiropractic can help with a variety of pediatric problems

854376Being a parent can be a worrying business; yes, of course you have the joy of your son or daughter to get you through the days, but you also have the worry of whether they are healthy, happy, or generally developing as they should be. Worry never ends when you are a parent, but if there is a particular issue which is causing the worry, you may be relieved to know that there is an alternative road to go down in many instances, which don’t involve the drugs that are often prescribed as a first-line of treatment.

Feeding problems, an unsettled baby, slow to develop, issues with movement, these are all problems which many newborns and young children suffer from, and if you head to a doctor’s surgery, for many issues at least, you may be prescribed drugs to help. Whilst drugs are needed in many circumstances, and you should always heed medical advice, there are many issues which can be helped much more simply, without the need for medications and their attached side effects.

Here at Eastland Chiropractic, we have been advising and treating newborns and young children for a long time, and Ringwood chiropractor Dr Lademann is highly skilled and experienced in offering help and advice to families suffering from problems which are highly distressing and concerning during those first couple of years of life in particular.

Whether it’s breast feeding attachment problems, reflux colic, cranial problems which have been residual from a birthing injury or trauma, or a worry about delay in meeting developmental milestones, gentle and effective chiropractic methods have been shown to be highly effective in treating such issues in a holistic, non-invasive, and drug-free manner, without side effects or concerns about how drugs interact in different ways.

For instance, if you are concerned that your child isn’t crawling when you think they should be, showing a delay in development in this area, then it could be down to hypotonia, or poor muscle tone, or it could be down to a problem with the spine, or a misalignment which is causing pain. Correcting this misalignment and strengthening the muscles could help your child overcome this problem, clearing the way for normal development to progress, allowing your child to reach their potential at a more ‘normal’ rate.

As you can see from this simple example, chiropractic is, a we’ve mentioned, a gentle and holistic treatment which can successfully treat a variety of problems for newborns and young children, ridding them of any pain and discomfort, and eliminating worry and sleepless nights for parents.

If you are experiencing any problems related to your child, such as the issues we have discussed, which are causing you distress and worry, then call the practice now on 03 9095 7990 to arrange an appointment. We are committed to helping parents enjoy every second of their child’s growth and development, free of constant worry and stress.